The Aardwolf is a species of mammal that resembles a hyena.
An Aardwolf is also known to be very shy and are nocturnal.


Aardwolves live in dry, open plains and sometimes they are found in bush-lands, but they avoid mountainous areas of land. Due to their food requirements, Aardwolves are usually only found in places that contain harvester termites. Termites of this family depend on mostly dead and withered grass and are highly popular amongst heavily, grazed grasslands, and savannahs. Aardwolves spend most of the year in shared territories that contain on average a dozen dens of which are occupies for 6 weeks at a time.


Aardwolves are shy, nocturnal mammals that by day are sleeping in pre-made underground burrows. You may also consider these animals to be lazy as they rely on aardvarks and porcupines to dig their burrows despite being capable of making their own. Aardwolves are not fast runners nor are they adapted to fighting off predators. If they come across a predator they usually retrace their steps, but if they have actually confront a predator they raise their thick mane that makes them look more menacing, and if that doesn't work then they would secrete a foul smelling liquid out of their anal glands.